Management of Shock


  • Ensure safety of all at the scene.
  • Lie the person down. If unconscious place the person on their side.
  • Control any bleeding promptly.
  • Send for an ambulance.
  • Administer treatments relevant to the cause of the shock.
  • Administer oxygen if available and trained to do so.
  • Maintain body temperature (prevent hypothermia).
  • Reassure and constantly re-check the person’s condition for any change.
  • If the person is unresponsive and not breathing normally, follow DRSABCD.

Positioning of people with shock

If possible, lie the person down rather than in a sitting position.

For individuals with shock who are in the supine (lying) position and with no evidence of trauma, the use of passive leg raise (PLR) may provide a transient (less than 7 minutes) improvement. Because improvement with PLR is brief and its clinical significance uncertain, it is recommended that the supine position without leg raising for victims in shock be used.