Levels of Consciousness

A first aider should use the following to recognise and record a casualty’s level of consciousness.

  • A – Alert/Awake
  • V – Verbal/Voice
  • P – Pain
  • U – Unresponsive

AVPU is a quick and easy way to assess a person’s level of consciousness.

  • If the person is fully awake and talking to you, they are ‘A’
  • If the person is not fully awake, check if they respond to your voice. If they can respond they are a ‘V’
  • If they don’t respond to your voice, Check if they respond to painful stimulus, this can include sternum rubs or earlobe pinching. If there is a response, they are a ‘P’
  • Should the casualty not respond to any of the above they are a ‘U‘