First Aid Documentation

It is important to write down the sequence of events and treatment given to a casualty after an injury or illness. This will help the first aider remember exactly what has happened, as well as providing assistance to emergency personnel that may take over.

An injury/illness form (or register) should be kept with all first aid kits, this is also a WHS requirement for many workplaces depending on what state/territory you are located in.  

These forms will vary depending on your workplace, state and WHS policy.

The basic information required on an injury/illness form is:

  • Injured person’s details (name, address, phone, etc)
  • Date, time, and location of incident
  • Brief description of injury/illness
  • Treatment and follow up.
  • Witness details (if any)
  • Details of the person assisting the casualty and reporting the incident.
  • Signatures of first aider and casualty (if possible)

Record Keeping

A record of first aid treatment given should be kept by the first aider and reported to managers on a regular basis to assist in the ongoing reviews of first aid arrangements.