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The SAM Chest Seal is an occlusive dressing designed for treating open chest wounds – a life-threatening situation that could lead to tension pneumothorax.

The SAM Chest Seal’s superior adhesion is strong enough to adhere to skin that is subject to sweat, blood, hair, sand or water. The hydrogel adhesive also enables repeated resealing making it ideal for venting.

Two versions of the SAM Chest Seal are available: non-valve and valve.

The valved version features an optional one-way valve that allows airflow from the chest cavity while preventing ingress and reduces internal obstruction from blood clots or soft tissue. The valve is activated by removing the cap.

The patented valve is also designed to prevent external obstruction of the air channels from items such as blankets, clothing and body armour.

Thoughtful design ensures the SAM Chest Seal is quick to deploy and user-friendly in the field for both military and civilian medics.

  • The Chest Seal’s large coverage area, dual tabs and transparent material enables accurate placement over the wound
  • Packaging is vacuum-sealed for less bulk
  • The packaging pouch can be peeled open to provide a sterile field
  • A large, rapidly absorbent pad (absorbs 151.7ml in 5 seconds) is included for wound cleaning
  • Packaging and dressing is optimised for night conditions (using night vision device)
  • Works under extreme heat and cold environmental conditions

The Sam Chest Seal dressing and the Sam Chest Seal packaging are optimised for night vision.

Contents per pouch

SAM-CS062011 Chest Seal Non-valve: 2 x chest seals, 1 x 127mm x 228mm absorbent pad
SAM-CS062010 Chest Seal with Valve: 1 x chest seal, 1 x 127mm x 228mm absorbent pad

SAM Chest Seal is biocompatible (cytotoxicity, irritation and sensitisation tested per ISO 10993), sterile (validated per ISO 11137-1:2006, ISO11137-2:2007, ISO 11737-1:2006 and ISO 11737-2:2009), meets MIL STD 810G and is TGA Approved.

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SAM-CS062011, SAM-CS062010 (valved)