Vehicle First Aid Kit


Vehicle First Aid Kit Contents:

1x Adhesive Dressing Strips Fabric Pk20

1x Adhesive Dressing Tape 25mm X 5m

1x Amputated Parts Bags (env 3)

1x Conforming Bandage 5cm X4m

1x Content List

1x Eyewash Sodium Chloride 15ml 0.9%

1x First Aid Pamphlet

1x Forceps Stainless Steel Fine 13cm

2x Gloves Nitrile Pair Large

1x Safety Pins Pk12

1x Splinter Probe Disposable Pk5

1x Scissors Stainless Steel 13cm

1x Triangular Bandage 110cm X110xm

1x Wound Cleaning Wipe (env 10)

1x Wound Dressing No.13

1x Disposable Face Shield






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