Motorcycle Accidents

When treating a casualty from a motorcycle accident, be aware of the increased chance of the casualty having a life-threatening injury. A conscious casualty can remove their own helmet, otherwise leave the helmet on the casualty, unless they are having breathing problems or are unconscious and the first aider needs to carry out D.R.S.A.B.C.D.

Removing the Helmet

  • Where possible two people should assist in removing the helmet. One person should support the casualty’s head and neck while the other removes the helmet.
  • Hold and support the casualty’s head and neck with the least amount of movement possible.
  • Pull the helmets fastener straps outwards. This compresses the padding and stretches the helmet out.
  • Remove the casualty’s helmet by slowly lifting the chin of the helmet up and back over the casualty’s face and head.
  • Always maintain a neutral head/neck position